Residential Electrical Services

Electrical Contractor for New Construction, Remodels and Additions

At Zap Electric, all our electricians are trained and experienced in new construction electrical installation. Our work is to code, safe, and reliable. Not all electricians have the skills and experience necessary to bid and complete the wiring rough-in correctly. 

The safety of you and your family depends on your electricity to be installed correctly and safely. If the wring is not correct it could cost you time and money to rectify the problem before your home can pass inspection and move forward on construction. Every delay on a construction site can greatly affect your move-in date and potentially the cost of the project. 

When you hire an electrical contractor for your project make sure they are experienced in new construction. Gong with the lowest bid is something that could end up costing you down the road because if they miss items in the proposal that are required by local code the addition of those items will raise your cost. 

Our electricians are very experienced and as a locally owned and family-operated company, you have our guarantee that we will stand behind our electrical work. When you compare our bids with others, know that we have taken many factors into consideration and will not surprise you down the road with additional charges. Other companies start low but then hit you with a larger bill on completion. Of course, if you make changes during the construction it will incur charges but we will be upfront as to what those charges will be. stock

Electric Panel Replacement - Service Change

There may come a time when you will need to upgrade an older electric panel. They can be insufficient for new appliances or room additions or they may be outdated and unsafe. In fact, there are several brands that insurance companies require to be replaced before they will insure your home. 

This is always a costly project but at Zap Electric we strive to price the electric panel upgrade fairly. You will likely find our prices thousands of dollars less than some of our competitors

Lighting Control and Electrical Upgrades

There are times you find yourself needing upgrades to your current lighting system and outlets. We are happy to help you add electric receptacles, install new lighting fixtures or even new lighting controls. 

Many homeowners are switching out fluorescent and traditional can fixtures for LED lights. The new LED lights last longer and save you money on electricity. We can even install smart controls so you can control your home lighting from anywhere via your mobile device. 

Need new outlets or GFIs for appliances, TVs, or other devices? We can add outlets and eliminate the need for dangerous extension cords both inside and outside your home. 

Contact Zap Electric for all your residential electrical needs in Sarasota, Manatee and Desoto Counties. Competitive prices for extraordinary service.