Generator Installation

Home Backup Generator Installation

With the frequent storms we have In Florida a generator can be a huge asset for your home. Many times it is days or weeks before power is restored. That means losing everything in the freezer and refrigerator, no air conditioning or fan, no way to cook, and no lights. Mold and mildew can become a problem due to the humidity and the mosquitos, well we know how bad they can be.

At Zap Electric we are whole home certified installers for Generac generators, the #1 selling brand of home generators. Whether you want to run your entire home or just a few vital items Generac has a backup generator that is the perfect size for your use. 

These generators run on natural gas, propane, or diesel, depending on the model, no standing in the rain with a gas can to keep it running. It is installed outside your house and looks very much like your ac unit. The generator is directly wired to your house eliminating extension cords. Opt for an automatic transfer switch and remote monitoring and you can be sure your home is fully powered at all times no matter if you are home or away.

Our certified installers can easily help you determine the appropriate size for your needs. Every home should have a generator that can at least power the refrigerator and a few lights. Be prepared for the next storm or power outage by installing a Generac home backup generator today.

Backup Power for Your Business

Power outages can happen at any time due to traffic accidents taking down a pole, an animal shorting out a transformer, or any number of other reasons. The outage could last minutes, hours, or even days. Most businesses can not run without electricity and many stand to lose a tremendous amount of money if the power goes out for any length of time. 

If your business would suffer from a power outage you need a backup generator. With a generator, your sensitive technology, refrigerators and deep freezers, lights, air conditioning, security systems, and all other aspects of your business can still function. We can assess your needs and determine the Generac generator model that will work best to protect the profitability of your business.

Industrial refrigeration, security systems, data centers, air conditioners and heaters, and so much more are reliant on electricity. If these items shut down it can be financially devastating. You nor only can not open for business but you are also at risk of losing valuable assets.