Commercial Electrical Services

Electrical Contractor for New Commercial Construction, Additions, and Build-Outs

At Zap Electric, we pride ourselves on our experience in commercial construction electric services. Our work is to code, safe, and reliable. Not all electricians have the skills and experience necessary to bid and complete the wiring rough-in correctly on a commercial job. The requirements for this type of work are vastly different than residential construction. 

The safety of your employees and your business assets depends on your electric wiring to be installed correctly and safely. If the wring is not correct it could not only cost you time and money to rectify the problem before your building can pass inspection but it could potentially cause a devastating fire. Mistakes always cost time and money which can ultimately mean the failure of your business due to delays or unforeseen costs.

When you hire an electrical contractor for your commercial project make sure they are experienced in commercial building construction. Gong with the lowest bid is something that could end up costing you down the road because if they miss items required by local code the addition of those items will raise your cost. If they wire things incorrectly it can cause issues not only now but in the future, if you need to make additions there may be difficulties due to these mistakes.

Our electricians are very experienced with commercial electrical installation and you have our guarantee that we will stand behind the quality of our electrical work. Know that we have taken many factors into consideration when we bid on your job and will not surprise you down the road with additional charges while other companies start low to get the job but then hit you with a larger bill on completion. 

Of course, if you make changes during the construction it will incur charges but we will be upfront as to what those charges will be. We may not be the cheapest but we are definitely not the most expensive and we are likely one of the most honest and experienced.

Commercial Lighting and Electrical Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade your current lighting system to something more energy efficient? Many offices and stores are changing their fluorescent light fixtures to new LED lighting. These can reduce your electric bill and they last longer before needing to be replaced.

Perhaps you just need more lights. Exterior lights can add safety for employees and customers, and increase visibility to passersby boosting sales. Interior lights can be used to add ambiance and style. We are happy to help you install any type of new lighting fixtures or even new lighting controls inside or outside your office(s) or store(s).

New equipment or new employees can mean the need to add new receptacles, upgrade to a higher voltage receptacle, or even install larger breakers. Our skilled team of electricians can handle all of your growing business needs.

Contact Zap Electric for all your commercial electrical needs in Sarasota, Manatee, and Desoto Counties. Competitive prices for extraordinary service.